Writing a letter senior vet on honor flight

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Writing a letter senior vet on honor flight

Gather and submit evidence Maybe filing your claim seemed simple.

writing a letter senior vet on honor flight

Winning your claim after you've filed is another matter entirely. If you did this part of the process well, you markedly increased your chances of a good result. But your task isn't complete. Now you must provide evidence to support your claims.


If you aren't confident you can do everything on your own, you can look for an advocate. You may be told that, "This isn't a spectator sport! What kind of evidence do I need? You want to offer them the best possible evidence.

The VA is looking for clear documentation of: This evidence will be given significant consideration and weight. Other evidence may be: Statements from individuals are often called "buddy letters.


These statements may or may not be useful, depending on the credibility of the author. If the person who writes the statement was an eyewitness to an event and was an officer or senior NCO with leadership or command responsibility, the statement may be given a great deal of weight.

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Statements by spouses, friends, family or others without direct knowledge of the alleged event may not be seen as credible and, therefore, ignored. Almost anything can be submitted as supporting evidence. Photographs, maps, letters to loved ones and recordings have all been considered as evidence to document events.

Some complex cases may present a reasonable doubt as to the cause and effect of an event and a later disability. Here, the VBA is known to lend a great deal of weight to expert testimony.

The "nexus letter" is a document prepared by an expert, usually an M. It states that in his opinion the claimed disability is "more likely than not" the result of the documented event.

We recommend that you NOT ask your doctor for a nexus letter at this stage. If your claim is denied by the VA, the nexus letter is often the best way to win on appeal.

If you send one now and still lose, your appeal will be much harder. Instead, write up your explanation of the "nexus" in your own words for VA. We talk about how to write an effective letter to VA below. How do I go about gathering evidence?

The VBA has a "duty to assist" the veteran in gathering evidence. The wise veteran will ignore this and act as if there were no such requirement.

The VBA will ask you to provide the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all treating physicians and other health providers. You will also be asked to fill out forms allowing your medical providers to release private medical information to the VBA. It's important to accurately prepare and return these forms to the Regional Office [RO].

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writing a letter senior vet on honor flight

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