Usp of amul

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Usp of amul

The company makes instant noodles under its brand Sunfeast which was launched in the year and manufactured biscuits. This makes the noodles really long and slurpy.

This is a completely owned Indian brand and comes under the category of ready to cook foods.

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The instant Usp of amul are available in a lot of variants to suit the Indian taste buds and also because they want to increase their market share in India.

However, this brand faces heavy competition from: Ina variant of this instant noodles was also launched in the same state and ten was released in other parts of the country. The manufacturing plants of this company are Usp of amul in Bengaluru, Haridwar, Pune and Kolkata.

They are known for maintaining the high quality and safety while manufacturing these noodles. The distribution network for this brand is very strong.

A unique strategy adopted by the brand is to sell via e-choupals. This is a distribution network of its owner company ITC. The product pricing has been very competitive because of the heavy competition faced by the brand. They are known for selling a high quantity product in lesser price which works well for the brand and has also increased the sales of their products.

They have always targeted children and young generation who are always on the go and want to eat a healthy snack in between meals.

Instant noodles have always extremely popular in the Indian market and a lot of companies have tried to enter this market in the past. With Nestle Maggi being the leader in this category in spite of the huge controversy the brand faced, Sunfeast YiPPee Noodles hold the second position in India.

This was followed by a tri color ready to cook pasta in the year and Power Up Atta Noodles in the year This is a special flavor developed by the brand and are known for their long and non-sticky noodles. The pack is available in size of six, four, two, one and mini. These noodles have a very Indianized flavor and ae very popular in the country.

This noodle block is round in shape and produces long strands of noodles. This is a special instant noodle made by Sunfeast. The pack contains 2 kinds of masalas which is the USP of this product.

Power Up Masala Noodles: This is a wheat base noodle made by the brand. It is healthiest amongst all the variants and also comes with veggies in the masala packet along with the noodles.

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Wow Chicken can be consumed straight from the pack as a dry snack or can be cooked as well. They are heavy advertisers and believe in high level of marketing by all the mediums — TV, print, digital or traditional. They have been in the industry for a very long time and are known for their fun and unique advertising.

The brand has focused on having child artists in most of their TV commercials because of the target audience of the brand. These noodles are available only in East India and is the only non-veg variant made by the brand.

Usp of amul

It can be eaten cooked as well as uncooked. The brand released an ad focusing on the cooking method and the seasoning which is present with the noodle two months ago.Oct 12,  · Amul as a brand has an extensive reach and hence procuring an Amul ice- cream is not at all difficult.

Amul’s USP being its availability in even the smallest to smallest and less- developed area. Recently Amul has also launched its flagship Amul ice- cream parlours, where varieties.

Advertising analysis – Omung Lassi.


Mahjabeen Mankani August 25, This alone is such an amazing element that it could be used as a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). the Amul Ad is sheer.

Usp of amul

The taste of India. By Rita G Chauhan Sub-Editor. What is the USP of your brand? Amul always presents high-quality products sold at reasonable prices. We celebrated the triumph of indigenous technology and emerged as the most successful dairy leader who follow cooperatives business model for the development of India.

The main USP of Amul brand is its low pricing. It hits at the transnationals by reducing its prices on its product portfolio. The competitive advantage is its “backward integration” strategy, which helps substantially in cost reduction.

PLACE: Any food company requires a dedicated cool chain network. Amul Cheese Amul - Company Amul Category Cheese Sector Food Products Tagline/ Slogan Taste of India 1 / 4. Amul Cheese USP SWOT Analysis 2 / 4. A mass market player, no premium offerings USP – Quality with affordability Amul as “Taste of India” creates value for money for both the dairy farmers and the customers New offerings for health conscious & vibrant India – Probiotic ice creams, sugar free delights, Amul Kool Café etc.

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