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Cancel About ForestWalk ForestWalk is a Denver-based software company that enables organizations around the world to better understand their target markets by providing quick access to detailed population and demographic data and tools with Population Explorer. While facilitating humanitarian aid distribution for the United Nations, the pair realized that answering a simple question - how many people lived in affected areas - was a challenge that delayed the delivery of life-saving assistance.

Population explorer

Posted on March 18, 1 Comment I just tired a new online tool to find population data for any place or area in the world www.

U.S. Decennial Censuses on 2010 Geographies

Population Explorer is an online software tool that can estimate human population down an area of 1km2. Population Explorer is the first and only application of its kind that instantly retrieves population counts and density over a flexible, user-selected area and allows users to create and save scenarios based on this data.

Population Explorer promises to radically change the way population information is sought and retrieved by planners and policy makers. Below is an example I produced by drawing a 1 mile radius buffer around Tiger Stadium.

Apparently it includes a population of nearly 35, broken down by gender and age in the following interesting manner, an explanation for which so far escapes me. I would have to work with the tool further and compare it to US Census data to judge how accurate, precise, or useful it is—but it is nonetheless intriguing.

For one thing, it works anywhere in the world.

Population explorer

Also, you can define the area of interest by buffering from a point, as I did above. But you can also buffer from a line, for example, if you want to find out how many people live within a certain distance of a highway or coastline. You can also draw polygons to define the area of interest, whether some political division like a parish, a census tract, or any other shape.Census Explorer.

One of our favorite attributes of the Population Explorer TM tool is the ability to upload boundaries and marker files.

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Whether you're defining your target area or trying to analyze the population and demographics of real world events such as wildfires, or extreme weather, this feature is very handy. Census Explorer. The population estimates are the result of a combination of US Census data and a geographic dispersion of calculated net inflows and outflows from subway stations, normalized to match population daytime and nighttime estimates provided by .

Population Explorer is an online software tool that can estimate human population down an area of 1km2. The primary data source for the tool is LandscanTM, a high-resolution population dataset produced by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, under a US Department of Defense contract.

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The Google Public Data Explorer makes large datasets easy to explore, visualize and communicate. As the charts and maps animate over time, the changes in the world become easier to understand. You.

Population explorer
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