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With Seattle, the state's largest city, serving as county seat, you know there's more to King County than its breathtaking landscape. King County is also home to a vibrant arts and culture scene, top-performing schools, fascinating landmarks, safe and quiet neighborhoods, and a diverse array of leisure activities to suit any interest.

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If experiencing excessive bruising or dark blue spots under skin of limbs petechiae or purpuraask your doctor if prothrombin time PT and partial thromboplastin time APTT tests are advised.

For neuropathy, nerve tests of nerve conduction studies that check demyelination of muscle control nerves and electromyography EMG that measures muscles and nerve-muscle junctions may be abnormal in severe cases wherein reduced muscle output and muscle wasting are experienced.

Skin punch biopsy to count damaged small fiber nerve axons is the most reliable test for FQ neuropathic pain, particularly with sensations of diffuse pain, burning, or buzzing. Unless severe and disabling, waiting 3 months before testing can increase likelihood of measurable damage on tests.

In less severe cases, only the skin punch biopsy may be abnormal. Despite the usefulness of QSART in diagnosing peripheral neuropathy as reported in medical literature and the commonality of suffering changes in sweating response such as lack of sweating, no reports of test results have been shared thus far.

A description of some of the more common test abnormalities: Very many sufferers have low vitamin Dcommonly with poor responsiveness to supplementation. C-reactive protein CRP and erythrocyte sedimentation rate ESR and lactate dehydrogenase LDH indicate inflammation or cell death and can justify musculoskeletal symptoms, with CRP most commonly being high during the early months.

ANA tests are often abnormal with speckled pattern indirect immunofluorescence microscopy or high titer numbers ELISA reported, particularly in women.

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Less commonly than for ANA, rheumatoid factor has also appeared high for several months. Ferritin has been found low in many sufferers including those who later developed fatigue.

Thyroid markers are often lowered in men and women, and thyroid medications often need adjustment. Complete blood counts with differential, lymphocyte subpanels, complement tests CH50, C4, etc.

A number of women have reported low progesterone. A number of sufferers have low magnesium for months.

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FQs as a class can cause dysglycemias. Apolipoprotein A-1 has tested extremely high for a few. High cortisol in the first months has been reported by a few. Several have reported elevations of cholesterol with respect to previous tests.

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Several of those with abnormal heart rhythm cardiac arrhythmia have found unstable high and low blood pressure as well as abnormal electrocardiogram EKG results.

Several of those left unable to work had permanent brain lesions or brain abnormalities revealed by MRI and or quantitative EEG that justified claims for Social Security disability benefits.

Liver enlargement, liver lesions, kidney cysts, spleen enlargement, spleen lesions, kidney lesions, and ovarian cysts all have been reported several times each. Gastric emptying studies have revealed delayed gastric emptying gastroparesis in several of those having neuropathy combined with constipation or slow motility.

Endoscopy has revealed stomach inflammation in several of those with nausea, reflux, and extensive food tolerance problems. Four-hour long oral glucose tolerance tests OGTT using 75 grams of carbohydrates have revealed a variety of blood sugar abnormalities for several persons, such as reactive hypoglycemia and more.

When talking to doctors, it might be useful to tell them what page numbers in the Physicians Desk Reference to cross reference for confirmation that your symptoms are known FQ side effects, hence the following table is provided: Physicians Desk Reference,65th edition.

Drug trade name Generic name: Drug Facts and Comparisons, Your doctor should note that the adverse reaction rates for arthralgia joint pain run about 4. On PDR page section 5.

Eye exam dilating eye drops have not been a problem. Anesthesia for Dental, Endoscopy, and Colonoscopy procedures: For local anesthesia, lidocaine with or without epinephrine is reported as okay; regular epinephrine side effects include a racing heart and some anxiety.

Topical oral anesthetics like benzocaine are generally not subject of complaint. The American Academy of Neurology recommends against nitrous oxide gas if having peripheral neuropathy.

The laxatives MoviPrep, Miralax polyethylene glycoland Dulcolax bisacodyl have all been reported as tolerated. One suggestion exchanged is to apply Vaseline to the perianal regions before initiating laxative treatment to make cleanup easier.

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If you have a MRI that will use contrast dye, request a Creatinine blood test to check kidney function, and tell the MRI center the result.

Contrast dye has no reported problems for FQ ADR sufferers, though there are people in the world with permanent injuries from some dyes. NSAID use, antimicrobial use, most drugs, dehydration, taking supplements, and recent exercise all increase injury risk by increasing kidney workload when the dye is in the body.

The dye Eovist is good for patients with elevated Creatinine to 1. MRI with contrast dye should not closely follow CT scan with contrast dye due to temporarily reduced renal function. Prostatitis is usually not bacterial, so cultures should be taken to establish origin; doxycycline for 45 days is effective for bacteria.You can view your Human Resources, Payroll, and Benefit information using MyInfo.

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