Flower shop business plan introduction

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Flower shop business plan introduction

The area has a population of 38, at a projected rate of 2. It was registered by the ministry of home affairs, with the registration number SO of 30th September, In looking various opportunities in the community, UMAKWA tried to come up with different proposals so as to fight against poverty and underdevelopment among the Kwamtoro Community members.

UMAKWA CBO started its operation in as a non profit organization, where by it was legally registered in September by the ministry of home affairs under the Societies application for registration rules, The purpose of the community based organization is to improve socio-economic life of the community within the operation area.

Its mission is to mobilize and involve community for sustainable economic development through using locally available resources and other resources from outside the local community. It is operating in Kwamtoro Division. The operation area has an estimated population of 38, people at a projected rate of 2.

The area is lying between latitude 30o to 37 o East at an altitude ranging from to m above sea level. The area has 2 major seasons, wet season from December to April and dry season from May to November.

Annual rainfalls ranging from mm per annum. The, mean annual wind velocity is kms blowing from South- East West to Northwest. The main socio-economic activities are crop production and animal rearing mixed farming practice. The main crops grown are Bulrush millet, which is the staple food. Other crops are maize, sorghum, pigion, peas, simsim, ground nuts, and sunflower.

The livestock kept in the area includes; cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, donkey, chicken and ducks. After the implementation, the project is expected to achieve the following objectives; I.

To increase the number of farmers growing sunflower. To increase house hold income. To provide employment to the community members. To increase the number of pig and poultry keepers using oil processing byproducts for animal feed.


To raise nutritious status in the community. The project aim to purchase and install 3 medium oil pressing machines.

Apart from procurement and installation activities, the project will conduct seminar and trainings to the respective group members on how to manage, operate, and run the machine, focusing on the sustainability of the project.

The realized amount of money will be used to purchase other oil pressing machines and distributed to other CBO active groups or reinvested in other productive activities. Payment structure is shown in annex 8. The proposed project will be installed within the three Wards of Kwamtoro, Lalta and Ovada, where by the sites will be located strategically basing on the accessibility of sunflower producers, to easily reach the oil pressing machines in each Ward.Your introduction should relate what you plan to say in thesub-sets of your feasibility study.

A Feasibility Study is part of a business plan and is used in business to basically show how feasible it will be to Another item to consider is "word of mouth". With a flower shop, the florist is the key to the operation. If this person has a. The Bach Flower Remedies Diploma Course provides an understanding of how the Bach system works with the mental and emotional body and how flower essences help to enhance the positive aspects of these areas and bring balance through powerful energetic frequencies that affect your soul.

Executive Family Room. Beach View; City View; , KRW (including tax and service fee). 43m², 1bedroom, 1bathroom See floor plan. Benefits complimentary tea bags (red tea, coffee, etc.), complimentary 2 bottle of water daily,Free access to Grand Fitness Facilities (swimming pool and fitness). BUSINESS PLAN OUTLINE Executive Summary Objectives Mission Keys to Success Company Summary Company History She cooperates on product development and suggestion that would help the business become better.

Flower Shop is expected to have a steady growth in salary as it becomes successful. The floral industry essentially consists of three major components, the grower, the wholesaler and the retailer whose businesses are quite intermingled.

flower shop business plan introduction

For a detailed description of how the floral industry works, download Katie Wagar´s power point presentation on the functioning of the floral industry. Lesson Plan; Photo Gallery; FAQs; Explain how to plan a meeting and develop the order of business.

2. Describe how to set up the meeting room. 3. Explain the parliamentary procedure used in an FFA meeting. Lesson 2. Developing an Awareness for Your Community Explain the major areas of an effective flower shop floor plan.

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