Elderly care in hk

Cultural and geographic differences[ edit ] A nurse at a nursing home in Norway The form of care provided for older adults varies greatly among countries and is changing rapidly. One must also account for an increasingly large proportion older people worldwide, especially in developing nations, as continued pressure is put on limiting fertility and decreasing family size.

Elderly care in hk

Now that you are retired, you may want to see the world. If you have the time, freedom, and money to see the world, why not see Hong Kong? Hong Kong's night Hong Kong is known both for its great attractions and its care for seniors.

You can easily get a special senior's debit card that will save you a lot of money on transportation, meals, and expenses.

Elderly care in hk

Along with the special discounts, you find a variety of world-class attractions and activities such as going on cruises, shopping in Elderly care in hk of Asia's best malls, seeing some of Asia's most popular sights, dining at some of Asia's best restaurants, and going to nearby Macau for the casinos.

Our Suggested Highlights Cheap transportation to fine places such as These three museums in Tsim Sha Tsui and Hong Kong Island will give you a quick view of the history and culture of the region. You can use your Octopus Card. Traveling up is easy via Bus 15 from Central or the Peak Tram.

Elderly care in hk

If you need to take a wheelchair, then it is best to take Bus Along with scenery, there is a mall for you to shop and dine in. The Peak Tower Sky Terrace offers a discount at age This theme park on a small residential and resort island may be ideal for seniors because it is quiet and next to a quiet white sandy public beach with great views.

The hotel rooms and restaurants are relatively inexpensive. It is near Lantau Island that has many attractions for senior tourists. The laid back theme park gives discounts for people over Getting the card is easy, and you can save big bucks on many things such as transportation and meals.

If you are over 65, Hong Kong offers a special Octopus Card deal. The card is refundable when you want a refund. The benefits are substantial: This is a substantial deduction considering the standard price for MTR rides is about 10 times more in general. Transportation From fine dining to safe natural hiking trailsto cruises to casinos, to the big horse races to yacht trips Almost all of the attractions on our Hong Kong Attractions page are easily and quickly accessible by seniors by Hong Kong's good transportation system.

Even Macau is only about an hour away by fast ferry, and once there, you can get whisked away by free hotel buses from the ferry port. Getting In At the Hong Kong Airport, there is a special "65 and Older" gate that will whisk you through faster than the regular gate.

Getting Around The public transportation system is very good and high quality.

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Wheelchairs Hong Kong is probably the best big city in Asia for wheelchair accessibility and availability. Perhaps non-existent elsewhere in East Asia, about half of the buses are wheelchair lift equipped. If you are arriving in the airport, you can ask for free courtesy wheelchair use.

This may prove invaluable after a long flight. The airport is big, but completely wheelchair accessible. We can arrange tickets, reservations, and whole itineraries for you!Dec 04,  · The present study was conducted to examine the recruitment challenges Hong Kong’s elderly care service providers are facing and their perceptions of the HKSAR government’s latest elderly policy, ‘Ageing in Place’, and the role of vocational education in training manpower for the industry.

The Hong Kong Housing Society or Housing Society for short, is the second largest public housing provider in Hong Kong. The Society housed , residents as of The society is a non-governmental organisation and non-profit organisation.

In his Budget, the Financial Secretary proposed a number of tax measures.

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The relevant legislation for the following tax measures was passed and gazetted on 16 May and 25 May respectively. Issues of End of Life Care in Long Term Care Settings in Hong Kong Dr.

Edward MF Leung President Hong Kong Association of Gerontology on knowledge exchange in elderly care for China End of Life Care Project for Hong Kong and Chinese Communities funded by ICCE from End-of-Life Care .

敬老護老愛心會有限公司於年成立(前身為「敬老護老愛心券」籌委會)是一個已在香港政府註冊並獲香港稅務局認可的慈善. Senior and elder care products for home health care equipment and assistive devices for aging parents and caregivers.

Improvement in daily living activities and safety for older adults.

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